I recently conducted a Voicing-your-Potential Workshop with Medical professionals. These people are leaders in their field. Their field of expertise demands facts and data. Their presentations were full on numbers, statistics and trends. The key to unlocking the power of these presentations was to condense the message into ten words or less.

This may sound easy, but it took quite a bit of thought. Once you come up with a key phrase, in 10 words or less, your message becomes crystal-clear to you. Only then can it become crystal-clear to your audience. Clarify your message to voice your potential.

Another tip is to phrase that 10 word message in terms of the benefit that the audience will get when they apply your message. If your message is a benefit that they want or need, they will listen much more carefully. Repeat this key phrase a few times throughout your presentation – this helps to embed your message.

Try it – I have no doubt you will find this a powerful technique that delivers results for you!