There are 3 important public speaking tips you  need to demonstrate – if you are smart, you will address these needs within the first minute of your presentation. If you do this well, they will be engaged with you and your topic right from the very beginning.

What is your Name? This might sound very obvious, but I have seen many speakers neglect this fundamental public speaking tip – they forget to introduce themselves. This is often the case when they are presenting to a familiar audience. What they are forgetting, is that there may be visitors in that audience who don’t know who is who. In addition, your audience members may not remember who you are from one meeting to the next. Keep your introduction of yourself simple. Your name, your role and a ‘user-friendly’ version of what you do. Some job titles can be very wordy and yet say nothing. Instead of giving a long title, say “I look after our customers to make sure they buy from us again” . This is far more engaging than saying “I am the Head of Consumer Relations”.

Why do you Care? Audiences are quite nosy and they like to join the dots. It is important for them to understand why it is that you are passionate about the subject. One of my Toastmaster Club Members, gave speech after speech about Cancer prevention. These were great, informative speeches. However, when she eventually shared that her mother had died from cancer, it all made far more sense. Her passions went from merely being intellectual, to being personal. I could relate to her as someone who had lost her mother more than I could relate to her knowledge of the subject. As a result, I had a deeper connection with her as a speaker. This public speaking tip enhanced her message. I listened more attentively once she told me why she cared.

What can you do for Me? Once your audience members can see value in what you are saying for them, they are motivated to listen and act. You need to get them involved in what you are saying. Use far more ‘you’s’ than ‘I’s’. Craft your message around the benefit to them. That is the emotional hook that will bring them to you. Speakers who only speak around their own accomplishments miss out big time. Everything you say should benefit your audience – they need to know this right upfront. This public speaking tip engages your audience. They need to  know how you will be of value to them.

Make sure to use these 3 public speaking tips in your next presentation – they are guaranteed to deliver results. If you do this well, they will be engaged with you and your topic right from the very beginning.