Aletta Rochat is a sought after speaker at corporate events, company meetings, associations and corporate events. She is an engaging speaker who has the unique ability to connect with one or one thousand regardless of industry; empowering them with tools and techniques to create a more powerful presence, executive image and teaching them how to effectively communicate in today’s demanding business environment.



If you are looking for a professional, engaging speaker who will connect well with your audience, Aletta will deliver every time.

Her keynote topics include:

A Night with Bruce Springsteen

This is an inspirational, humorous message that draws on her personal experience. Learn how A Night with Bruce Springsteen changed the way she approached challenges.

Speak Less to Say More

Speaking is something we do innately – often without thinking. The consequences of our spoken words are profound. Your speaking can change the mood of a room, it can inspire someone to believe in his ability. Your words can open up opportunities for you to enhance your reputation. Just as easily, your words can showcase your vulnerabilities and ruin your day. As you speak, you can engineer your future career prospects, or engineer your swift exit. Your speaking will identify which kind of leader you are and whether or not people want you on their team.When you master the art of speaking purposefully and powerfully, doors will open up for you that you never imagined were within your reach. This keynote provides a fascinating insight into speaking purposefully.


Aletta Rochat will tailor programs to address the specific needs of your audience.

Workshops Offered

This talk and workshop will enhance your ability to speak to accelerate your career. “Speaking’ takes on many forms – from conversations, to presentations, to emails and phone calls. Each one of these offers the opportunity to make a positive impression. You will leave this talk and workshop with an awareness of how to present yourself, and your ideas every time you ‘speak’. You will learn how to stand out from the crowd, be the one that people want on their team and how to get your message across. These skills and techniques can be put into practice every day. Your reputation and your career will benefit as a result!

This Workshop offers an intensive opportunity to significantly enhance your ability to present in public. This workshop is perfect for people who regularly present in their line of work. The emphasis is on making your message crystal-clear and avoiding creating an ‘information dump’. Techniques are taught to engage with the audience so that they listen carefully. Power Point techniques are taught so that the Power Point slides are effective and don’t replace you as the speaker. Delegates leave this workshop with a clear understanding of the process they need to follow to craft presentations that deliver every time! This is a highly interactive workshop – delegates will present and receive feedback from the facilitator and from their peers. In this way they will understand what works and what gets in the way of their message.

This Workshop is designed for senior executives, or those aspiring to be at that level. Their presentations need to demonstrate leadership in addition to strong presentation skills. Their language, message and delivery require a level of charisma and intent. Delegates will present and be recorded on video. This will allow for clear feedback that identifies strengths that are already there as well as areas that need improvement. The workshop is highly interactive – delegates will receive feedback from the facilitator and from their peers. In this way they will understand what works and what gets in the way of their message. Emphasis will be placed on how to use speaking opportunities to enhance leadership. Delegates will learn the power of speaking to influence and inspire others. Techniques will be shared that will allow them to be persuasive so that their audience is more likely to respond to their call to action. In addition, they will learn to develop the presence of a leader every time they speak.

Writing and delivering speeches for the media offer unique opportunities! Too often these opportunities are wasted. This workshop is designed for anyone who has to interact with the media. Delegates will learn the art of crafting a message, rather than simply delivering information. They will learn to craft their message in terms that are important to the audience. In this way their message becomes more compelling and relevant to their audience. Speeches will take less time to prepare when the corrent process is followed.
Delegates will learn the art of inspiring people by using the correct language. This is a highly interactive workshop – delegates will present and receive feedback from the facilitator and from their peers. In this way they will understand what works and what gets in the way of their message. Even those who usually only write the speeches will be required to deliver those speeches – in this way, they will learn the unique characteristics that make a spoken speech powerful, and how this differs from a written speech. Video recording will be utilised as a teaching tool.

Many of my clients prefer the personal touch. One-on-one speech coaching is centered around a presentation that is due to be delivered in the near-future. Time is spent analysing the purpose of the presentation and the outcome that is desired.From there we go through a process of clarifying the message. Once the content is clarified, I make sure that techniques are used to engage the audience. In this way they are motivated to listen carefully as the message has been made relevant to them personally.
From here, I work on the delivery of the speech to ensure that the deliver enhances the message and does not detract from it.If necessary, video recording can be incorporated into the coaching sessions. My clients emerge from this coaching with new clarity, confidence and poise. As a result, their presentations are effective every time!

This workshop is perfect for professional speakers, aspiring speakers and speakers who regularly deliver presentations of 20 minutes or more. You will learn how to craft a keynote that is immediately relevant to your audience and is delivered in an engaging manner. Gone is the ‘Death by Power Point’ presentation and the ‘Information Dump. In its place, will be an engaging presentation that is purposeful and delivers the results you are looking for. Your message will be remembered – for all the right reasons! Skilled presenters deliver keynote presentations that deliver results for their products, their company and for them on a personal level.

MC or Conference Host

Aletta is a regular conference host at events across a range of disciplines including leisure, human resources, communication and manufacturing Industries, providing creativity, peace of mind and reliability.

“I want to thank you once again for your professional and informative approach.. Your candid and perceptive views were much appreciated by delegates. You received the highest rating of the conference. Congratulations!”
Industry Alliance
“Thank you for being our MC on Tuesday evening. You do it with such ease that you make it look so effortless. But those of us who are paying attention know full well the big difference between doing something with ease and doing it effortlessly. Well done! ”
Xtra Technologies