Speak to Accelerate your Career.

It’s that simple. You speak every day – on the phone, in meetings, in the passage. You even ‘speak’ when we send emails. Yet I find that most people let golden opportunities to accelerate their career slipthrough their fingers. With an increased awareness, you can use these opportunities to accelerate your career. Each speaking engagement is an opportunity to connect, to validate and to inspire. When you are able to connect, validate and inspire you also stand out from the crowd – you are the one more likely to be considered for promotion. When you speak to accelerate your career, you will have learned to convey a message rather than information. 

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Here are three ways to start to Speak to Accelerate your Career:

Keep it Personal – Take the time and energy to personalise your communication. Your and my inbox are too full of bland messages that have been sent to thousands of people. A personal message has value. In my experience, the more personal a message, the more powerful it is. Consider whether it is better to call someone and speak to them on the phone rather than sending an email. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that sending an email is the same as ‘speaking’. It is not! In order of priority, first call, then email. Human connection is powerful.  I often catch myself giving the facts and data first, then adding in the personal touch. It is far more powerful to start with the personal touch, and then to add the facts and data. Your career will benefit from the personal touch.

Start with ‘Why’ – This is the title of Simon Sinek’s book. If you have not read it, do so. People buy why you do something, rather that what you do or how you do it. Your passion for your product, your service or your company is the best calling card you have. Often the ‘why’ speaks to the impact of what you do in your career. ‘I don’t sell a product – I sell a way for people to save time, so that they can spend more time doing the things they love to do’. An easy way to uncover the benefit of what you do is to complete the phrase:  so that they can…..

Personally, I teach people and companies how to give voice to their potential – they learn to speak with confidence, getting a message across so that they can accelerate their career, sell more products, get more clients, help more people.

Speak to Possibility – always speak to the bigger picture – speak to the possibility of what you are creating. Don’t get stuck in the problems or challenges. Keep reminding people of the end result. The mindset of ‘It’s Possible’ is one that allows projects and careers to move forward. People who keep on speaking to the problem often keep teams from achieving their goals. Face the problems, but speak to the possibility of finding a solution.