Our conversation is the starting point.

Call me to discuss your speech coaching needs. I work with speakers of all levels.

Some are already confident speakers, others will do anything to avoid a presentation. Some cram too much information into their presentation. Others are unsure of how to structure their points. Regardless of what level you are at, I know that you are committed to delivering results.

So much depends on how well you present.

You may be preparing to present a paper at an international conference, or presenting to your team at work.  Your presentation has the potential to create opportunity. If your team present on your behalf, their presentations can attract more clients and deals, or make you instantly forgettable as a brand and as a company.

Ways we can Work Together

I offer one-on-one coaching as well as group workshops. One of the most popular is entitled How to Deliver a Great Speech with NO Time to Prepare. I also present keynotes on Speaking as a Leader and How to Stand out when you Speak Up. A solution to your concerns is literally a phone call away. Your dramatically enhanced presentation is only a few coaching sessions away. A workshop is all it will take for your team to present like professionals.

Why this is so Important

You and I live in a very competitive world. Chances are that there are many others offering something similar to you. Our challenge is to be exceptional and memorable. The way we present is critical to our success. Improvement is inevitable. Our conversation is the starting point. Don’t hesitate – call me to find out more, to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to contributing to your success.





Aletta Rochat
Cape Town, South Africa
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