Leadership is not a skill you are born with – it is a skill you can develop. Are you ever curious as to why some people seem to inspire confidence and empower listeners while others do not?
Your leadership is demonstrated by your ability to influence opinions during meetings, presentations or daily interactions. How you speak to a large extent determines your leadership style and effectiveness. Strong presentation skills will equip you to come across as an authentic credible leader.



Your leadership is demonstrated every time you speak. When you are able to stand out when you speak up, others are more likely to follow your lead.

As your Executive Speech Coach, I work one on one with you and  your team to develop your leadership. My sole purpose is to ensure that you and your team stand out when you speak up. This alone will help you  develop your leadership, your presence and your competitive edge. I want you to speak with your authentic voice in a way that is engaging, compelling to listen to, and delivers results. You want to be a leader who is remembered – for all the right reasons!

Even as a seasoned executive you coaching allowed me to develope even stronger communication skills and hone my message.
Penny de Villiers, Impi Social Media
After your coaching I felt I could command attention build my credibility and you allowed me to develop this inline with my personal style.
Vincent Louw, Old Mutual
Aletta is very approachable and relatable. Her techniques for giving a good speech and holding an audiences attention were interesting. The acronyms she gave for writing and giving an effective speech were really helpful – it made writing and the reasoning behind a good speech very clear and we felt prepared to present.
Leadership Group, University of Stellenbosch


  • Build presence and influence
  • Create a crystal clear message
  • Handle Q & A sessions effectively
  • Learn to engage your audience and keep them engaged
  • Develop strong facilitation skills
  • Learn to think on your feet and respond powerfully


My process teaches you how to command attention and credibility while staying true to your personal values and style.