Is your Speech like a “Hallmark” card?


We all love receiving cards for special events. They can be funny, soppy, serious or ridiculous. Their appeal lies in the fact that they are universal. In other words, millions of people all over the world can give that same card, with that same message, to someone else. The message on that card is generic enough to be meaningful to millions of people. Any person, from any walk of life can deliver the same message.


Are you getting the picture? If your speech is so bland that virtually anyone can say the same words to any audience – you are delivering a “Hallmark” card speech. If that is the type of speech you want to deliver – that’s great. There is nothing wrong with Hallmark cards – it is an international brand.  In my opinion,Your speech to your audience, should not be similar to a Hallmark card. What you have to say should be personal to you and to your audience. If your speech is so generic that it could be delivered by virtually anyone to virtually anyone, I would suggest that you need help!


A typical example of “Hallmark”-type speeches would be:


“Our company has enjoyed years of productivity, with loyal clients and innovative products. Our staff are dedicated to customer service”


Read that again – those words could be said by virtually any company on this planet. It is the speech-equivalent to elevator music! Generic sentiment – no personal touches. It is meaningless, (sorry for you).


Let’s rewrite those words again in non-Hallmark style:


“Our company, Fabulous Blooms, has grown from a dream in a spare room to five retail outlets inCape Town. Our clients come to us to send messages of love, caring and celebration to the significant people in their lives. Our staff members delight in being part of this process of connecting people to one another through gifts of flowers. We help to make this world a happier place, one bloom at a time.”


Here we have emotion, purpose and a word-picture of a living entity.


If you need help in writing a speech that no-one will mistake for a Hallmark card – I know how to help you 🙂