Do you Hesitate to Speak up?

Do you Hesitate to Speak Up?

Have you considered why you find it hard to speak up?

It is not always easy to speak up. Depending on your level of confidence as well as your personality, you might find it very difficult to speak up. I am not only referring to public speaking  – I am also referring to speaking up in relationships, or in small groups.

In chapter 1 of Speak Connect Succeed – Build Your Reputation As You SpeakI explore reasons why we hesitate to speak up. One of the most obvious reasons is that we lack the self-confidence to do so. This is a very real fear and one that can be paralysing. Much of your reputation is build up by your speaking, it is imperative that you find a way to overcome this fear. My suggestion, based on years of experience, is that you find a Toastmasters club near you, Go and attend their meetings and join. By actively participating, you will be surprised how quickly you can build your level of self-confidence. Before you know it, you will find it much easier to speak up.

Another reason we don’t speak up is that we hesitate to ask for help or feedback.

Instead, we pretend we are in control and carry on in isolation. Speaking up and asking for help is a game-changing strategy. You can find that one piece of missing information, or get an idea on how to move your project forward. Most people you ask will be flattered to be asked for advice. Think of it as crowd-sourcing for ideas.

Perhaps you hesitate to speak up as you don’t feel like you can add value.

In my experience,  anyone can add value. Your opinion matters and has value. By sharing your opinion you contribute to the conversation and to the project. Speaking up demonstrates that you are engaged and committed. Regardless if you do the filing or hire the staff – your observations are valuable. You can add value by speaking up.

You may be reluctant to speak up as you don’t think it will make a difference.

My suggestion is that you speak up and add your voice to the conversation. Your contribution might be the most significant of the day. Others may hold your opinion in high regard. You have a viewpoint that might be different to those of others – both unique and valuable.

Make a habit of speaking up and making your voice heard. You have value to add – your speaking up is a wonderful way to do so.