What is an Elevator Speech?

No doubt you have heard about Elevator Speeches. We know that we need to have a short, punchy speech ready in case we meet up with someone influential. When that magic moment comes, we can then impress them with our Elevator Speech. The reality is that very few of us ever get to the point where we have one ready.

Hear from the Champion

When I researched information for this blog, I came across the US Elevator Pitch Champion – Chris Westfall. He is also the author of Five Great NEW Elevator Pitches.Check him out on www.westfallonline.com. Chris WestfallHe tells us that an Elevator Speech is simply a conversation starter. It simply has to intrigue the listener to the point at which he or she asks “tell me more”. Put yourself into the shoes of the person listening to an elevator speech. It might me fascinating to that I have a degree in nuclear physics. However, if that is of no benefit to you, you won’t really be listening. Chris Westfall tells us to define what we do in terms of what we can do for, with and through people. When you present, your message has to be framed in terms of the benefits to the audience. The same is true for your Elevator Speech.

What needs to be in an Elevator Speech?

An Elevator Speech is a mechanism which, if crafted carefully, allows you to stand out from the crowd. I need to hear what it is that you are passionate about. Why is what you do so important to you? What sets you apart from all the others doing the same thing? Think about the 3 things you are most proud of – your accomplishments. What is it that you hope to do? Really speak about what matters to you. What can you do with, for and through others.

Choose your words carefully. Make sure that each word inspires the result you want from your listener. Practice in front of a mirror. SMILE! Relax and be authentic. Put energy into it and show your passion. Make sure there is an emotional element to your Elevator Speech.

As Nike famously said: “Just do it”

Here is my Elevator Speech: Hi – my name is Aletta. I am passionate about teaching people how to give voice to their potential. You can have more impact when you increase your ability to connect with your audience and get your message across. I work with clients to teach them how to breathe life into their speeches. In this way, they get noticed and remembered – for all the right reasons! As they give voice to their potential, they are in a better position to achieve their goals and dreams.

Let me know what your Elevator Speech looks like!