Speaking for Promotion

I recently had to make a speech to get elected to a position - this was trickier than I imagined. It often goes against our grain to promote ourselves so directly - most of us prefer a more subtle approach. I had plenty of  material to draw from - past achievements and a track record. [...]

What if the nerves just don’t go away?

Whose idea was this anyway? In your wildest dreams you would never have volunteered for this presentation! You have been very successful at avoiding this very situation for years. Unfortunately, this time you can't get out of it. Sleepless nights, sweaty palms, a knot in your stomach..... Does any of this sound familiar to you? [...]

A little coaching goes a long way….

I often have the privilege of working with clients wanting to improve their public speaking skills. I am not always lucky enough to see them in action after we have worked together. Last night I had the privilege of seeing a speaker "up his game".The speaker was not a client of mine, he is a [...]

When your voice is monotonous…

Last week I was asked what advice I would give to someone who does presentations regularly, but who has a monotonous voice. This is an obvious problem - easy to identify. The trick comes in the fact that if you speak like that, you are probably not that aware of how your voice sounds to [...]

How do I get that “WOW” factor into my presentations?

You consider yourself to be a good presenter. You do all the preparation, the rehearsal – you have the facts at your fingertips…......  Yet, you know there is something missing. Your presentations are OK, but they are not in any way memorable. You are not ‘closing the deal’. You have not got a ‘WOW’ factor. [...]

Who are you talking to?

In my experience, speakers often concentrate on their subject matter at the cost of their audience - they forget who they are talking to. They approach a speech from their own perspective and make huge assumptions about the audience. It is easy to assume that your audience are as familiar with, ( or even as [...]

Is your Speech like a Hallmark Card?

Is your Speech like a “Hallmark” card?   We all love receiving cards for special events. They can be funny, soppy, serious or ridiculous. Their appeal lies in the fact that they are universal. In other words, millions of people all over the world can give that same card, with that same message, to someone [...]

It’s all about you!

OK – you can think that I have finally lost the plot. But bear with me. In my last blog, I said that it wasn’t about you – it was about your audience. I still stand by that statement. However, now I want to tell you that you are a vital ingredient in your presentation. [...]

It’s not about you…

It’s not about You….   Fear or nerves seem to go hand in hand with public speaking or presentations. The process usually goes something like this……   Palms get sweaty, the heart rate increases and all semblances of rational thought simultaneously leave the room! Does any of this sound familiar?   In my interaction with [...]