Who hires a Speech Coach?

Sports stars have coaches, actors have coaches, athletes and teams have coaches - but speakers? What do sports stars, actors, athletes and teams have in common? They want to succeed. They are talented, committed and focused. People who hire coaches want to improve their performance. Often, they are already at the top of their game. [...]

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Want to Guarantee the Success of your Next Big Presentation?

    Want to guarantee the success of your next big presentation? You probably have a really important presentation coming up.  How will you know if your presentation has been successful? How can you guarantee that it will deliver the results you are looking to achieve?  Is it successful if you remember the words, get [...]

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When you are Master of Ceremonies

Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars                           Where did Seth go wrong as Master of Ceremonies? When you are the Master of Ceremonies, you have an important role. It is a privilege to be MC at a prestigious event like the Oscar [...]

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The Top 3 Public Speaking Tips

There are 3 important public speaking tips you  need to demonstrate - if you are smart, you will address these needs within the first minute of your presentation. If you do this well, they will be engaged with you and your topic right from the very beginning. What is your Name? This might sound very [...]

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What’s on your T-shirt?

One of the key things I work on with clients is defining the essence of their message. What is it that you are trying to say? Can you express this in ten words or less? It sounds simple, but cutting to the core of your message is often quite a challenge. You have to decide [...]

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Speaking as a Leader

Speaking as a Leader, by Judith Humphrey I recently came across a book by Judith Humphrey, entitled, "Speaking as a Leader" She reminds us that every opportunity to speak is an opportunity to lead. This can happen in a phone call, while drinking a cup of coffee, in the passage or in a [...]

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Every Speech is an Audition for Leadership – even an Impromptu one.

You are walking down the passage at the office. The CEO happens to be walking in the opposite direction. She stops you and asks "what did you think of the presentation this morning? Do you agree with the recommendations?" Just like that, you have been given a wonderful opportunity to speak up for yourself, to [...]

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Can you Say it in 10 words or Less?

As with any field on interest, there are literally thousands of things that you could do to improve the way you speak and present. Most of us are simply too busy, too stressed and too impatient to spend hours researching speech-making. That is where experts come into the mix. What a pleasure to be able [...]

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Who is speaking on behalf of your company?

I have returned from a two week trip to the USA. It was a wonderful opportunity to observe companies and their marketing communications. Whether you are a bus company, a hotel or Disney World - many people are speaking on your behalf and on behalf of your brand. The bus driver is announcing the next [...]

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What is your key message?

I recently conducted a Voicing-your-Potential Workshop with Medical professionals. These people are leaders in their field. Their field of expertise demands facts and data. Their presentations were full on numbers, statistics and trends. The key to unlocking the power of these presentations was to condense the message into ten words or less. This may sound [...]

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