Do you hesitate to speak up?

Do you Hesitate to Speak Up? Have you considered why you find it hard to speak up? It is not always easy to speak up. Depending on your level of confidence as well as your personality, you might find it very difficult to speak up. I am not only referring to public speaking [...]

How to Build your Reputation with an Apology

  Build your Reputation with an Apology                                             Can you build your reputation with an apology? Yes you can. Even when things have gone wrong, you can still speak to enhance your [...]

Speaking about Change

                                          Are you speaking about change? When you are speaking about change, you need to be aware of whether you are the only one speaking up on a certain topic or viewpoint. As a leader, [...]

3 Speaker Tips to Develop Stage Presence

Here are 3 Speaker Tips to Develop Stage Presence. The most accomplished speakers are those that have developed stage presence. This is a charisma that they bring to the platform with them. It is a 'wow' factor that sets them apart from other speakers. Don't think for a moment that this is an attribute that [...]

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Is your Presentation Message Crystal Clear?

Many speakers confuse their information with their presentation message. We live in a world filled with facts and data. It is relatively easy to put together a string of facts. When I ask clients to clarify their presentation message, they often find this difficult. "But isn't it obvious?" is the response I often get. No - [...]

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Speakers need to act like rock stars!

Bruce Springsteen showing that he LOVES what he does!   This week I was privileged enough to attend a concert by Bryan Adams AND Bruce Springsteen. (It doesn't get much better than that!) As I immersed myself in the shows, it became apparent that speakers need to act like rock stars. Right now [...]

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Think, Breathe and Deliver a Confident Presentation

'Think, Breathe and Deliver a confident presentation. These three words are apparently part of an advertising campaign by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in the UK. I thought that they were a very good mantra to think of as you prepare for your next presentation. Your aim should be to deliver a confident presentation [...]

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At last – help for Wedding Speakers!

How many Wedding Speakers have you listened to? How many of those left a lasting impression on you? Do you remember those wedding speeches for the right reasons? A good wedding speech comes from the heart. It is full of sincere emotion, humour and tells a story. So much time is spent on perfecting the [...]

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Who hires a Speech Coach?

Sports stars have coaches, actors have coaches, athletes and teams have coaches - but speakers? What do sports stars, actors, athletes and teams have in common? They want to succeed. They are talented, committed and focused. People who hire coaches want to improve their performance. Often, they are already at the top of their game. [...]

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Want to Guarantee the Success of your Next Big Presentation?

    Want to guarantee the success of your next big presentation? You probably have a really important presentation coming up.  How will you know if your presentation has been successful? How can you guarantee that it will deliver the results you are looking to achieve?  Is it successful if you remember the words, get [...]

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