Speaking about Change

  Are you speaking about change?  When you are speaking about change, you need to be aware of whether you are the only one speaking up on a certain topic or viewpoint. As a leader, you need to be aware of whether or not others are following you. If you are the only voice speaking [...]

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Stressed about your next keynote presentation?

Are you stressed about your next keynote presentation? You are having sleepless nights…. There is so much work to do, and so little time to prepare…. Every time you sit down to start working on your presentation, you get interrupted….. Does this sound familiar to you? I had this very experience this week. Luckily, I know the process to go through to get to my speech structure. This process requires me to clarify my purpose and to clearly define the benefit of this presentation to my audience. When I am able to speak to their needs and solve their problems and frustrations, they are more likely to listen and remember what I have to say. […]

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Speak to Accelerate your Career

Speak to Accelerate your Career. It’s that simple. You speak every day – on the phone, in meetings, in the passage. You even ‘speak’ when we send emails. Yet I find that most people let golden opportunities to accelerate their career slipthrough their fingers. With an increased awareness, you can use these opportunities to accelerate your career. Each speaking engagement is an opportunity to connect, to validate and to inspire. When you are able to connect, validate and inspire you also stand out from the crowd – you are the one more likely to be considered for promotion. When you speak to accelerate their career, you will have learned to convey a message rather than information. […]

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How to Craft an Elevator Speech that will get you Noticed and Remembered!

We have all heard about Elevator Speeches or Elevator Pitches. We know that we need to have a short, punchy speech ready in case we meet up with someone influential. We can then impress them with our Elevator Speech. The reality is that very few of us ever get to the point where we have [...]

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Is your Presentation Message Crystal Clear?

Many speakers confuse their information with their presentation message. We live in a world filled with facts and data. It is relatively easy to put together a string of facts. When I ask clients to clarify their presentation message, they often find this difficult. "But isn't it obvious?" is the response I often get. No - [...]

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Three Ways to Engage with your Audience

Last night I was walking through a shopping centre after watching a movie. I passed the window of a coffee shop that had been booked out for a private function. Through the glass, I saw a speaker with a microphone in his hand. He was talking to a small group of people sitting at tables. [...]

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