Five New Year Speaking Resolutions

Five New Year Speaking Resolutions Happy New Year to you! Have you ever considered making at least one new year speaking resolution? I love the start of a new year. Almost magically, we feel like we are off to a fresh start. We take a deep breath and hope for new beginnings and [...]

Do you hesitate to speak up?

Do you Hesitate to Speak Up? Have you considered why you find it hard to speak up? It is not always easy to speak up. Depending on your level of confidence as well as your personality, you might find it very difficult to speak up. I am not only referring to public speaking [...]

How to Build your Reputation with an Apology

  Build your Reputation with an Apology                                             Can you build your reputation with an apology? Yes you can. Even when things have gone wrong, you can still speak to enhance your [...]

Speaking about Change

                                          Are you speaking about change? When you are speaking about change, you need to be aware of whether you are the only one speaking up on a certain topic or viewpoint. As a leader, [...]

Tips for Nervous Speakers

Tips for Nervous Speakers Are you a nervous speaker? Anticipating your next presentation or interview can lead to panic. How do you calm those nerves? You may be familiar with sweaty palms, the dry mouth, the trembling hands? Do you struggle to stand up and present with the same confidence that you have when speaking [...]

Do you Stand Out when you Speak Up?

Do you Stand Out when you Speak Up? Do you Stand Out when you Speak Up? Think about all the speaking you did in the last week. It seems we are always speaking. The question to ask is how many opportunities came your way as a result of your speaking? Were you able [...]

Speak to Accelerate your Career

Speak to Accelerate your Career. It’s that simple. You speak every day – on the phone, in meetings, in the passage. You even ‘speak’ when we send emails. Yet I find that most people let golden opportunities to accelerate their career slipthrough their fingers. With an increased awareness, you can use these opportunities to accelerate your career. Each speaking engagement is an opportunity to connect, to validate and to inspire. When you are able to connect, validate and inspire you also stand out from the crowd – you are the one more likely to be considered for promotion. When you speak to accelerate your career, you will have learned to convey a message rather than information.  Read more on this in my book Speak Connect Succeed – Build Your Reputation As You Speak […]

How to Craft an Elevator Speech that will get you Noticed and Remembered!

What is an Elevator Speech? No doubt you have heard about Elevator Speeches. We know that we need to have a short, punchy speech ready in case we meet up with someone influential. When that magic moment comes, we can then impress them with our Elevator Speech. The reality is that very few of us [...]