How many Wedding Speakers have you listened to? How many of those left a lasting impression on you? Do you remember those wedding speeches for the right reasons?

A good wedding speech comes from the heart. It is full of sincere emotion, humour and tells a story. So much time is spent on perfecting the finer details of a wedding – the dress, the flowers, the decor. In most instances, very little attention is given to the wedding speeches. Everyone assumes that the wedding speakers will know what to do. Very few wedding speakers ever get a brief. They put together a speech and hope that it will go well. Often it does. Often, things go spectacularly wrong!

Wedding Speakers often tell inappropriate jokes about how terrible marriage is. Some wedding speakers delight in telling the guests about the night that the groom had too much to drink and got out of hand. Some even go as far as to mention previous girlfriends…..

The good news is that The Wedding Speaker’s Guide takes all the stress out of the situation. By following my Three Step Process, you will know what to do and what not to do. The guide tells you what to do and what not to do. I have done all the thinking for you! Simply download the e-book today and start your preparations.

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