Stage PresenceHere are 3 Speaker Tips to Develop Stage Presence. The most accomplished speakers are those that have developed stage presence. This is a charisma that they bring to the platform with them. It is a ‘wow’ factor that sets them apart from other speakers. Don’t think for a moment that this is an attribute that you are born with – it is something you can consciously develop.

Speaker Tip #1: Preparation is Key – Stage presence is born out of confidence. A well-prepared, extensively rehearsed  presentation is a pre-requisite. When you have done the work, and have a presentation that you know will deliver results, you can relax. Your stage presence will immediately be enhanced. Preparation is more than beautiful Power Point slides. Preparation demands that you clarify your message, and structure your presentation to appeal to your audience. When you engage effectively with them, they will want to take the exact next step you have defined.

Speaker Tip #2: Own the Stage – Stage Presence can be yours from the moment you are introduced. If you are street-smart, you will provide the MC with an introduction that you have crafted. It should speak to the needs of the audience, rather than to your accomplishments. As you walk to the stage, be present to the privilege and the opportunity you have. Walk to centre stage, stop and breathe. Smile at the audience while you make eye contact with a few individuals. Breathe again and then start. This allows you to command attention before you even start to speak.

Speaker Tip #3: Finish off Powerfully – learn to receive the applause in a confident way. You need a strong conclusion that reinforces your message. Make sure that it finishes off in a way that the audience knows your presentation is finished. Then stand and acknowledge the applause with a smile, with eye contact and confidence. Look as if you have enjoyed the experience! Audience Clapping

Your stage presence is key to the way you are perceived. Work on it until you get it right. Your credibility will be enhanced, your reputation consolidated and you will reap the rewards!