How effectively do you engage your audience? Do you get your message across? Are your presentations crammed full of information? Do you leave knowing you could do so much better? 

Speech Coaching

Your speaking impacts your success – every day, every meeting, every conversation.

Speaking persuasively, being immediately relevant to your audience and having a specific call to action are not optional extras. If you want the results, you have to Stand Out when you Speak Up.

We all know that the top sports stars have coaches. These coaches help them deliver their best performance when it matters most. That is what I do as a Speech Coach for my clients, that is what I will do for you. If you have an ambition to Stand Out when you Speak Up, then speech coaching will deliver the results you need. I will take you through a process that delivers results every time. You will leave with a clear message, an engaging presentation that is authentic to you. As an added bonus, you will learn how to save time when you are crafting your presentations!

Through my personal speech coaching, training and corporate workshops I have proven learning tools designed to deliver the results you need. I am passionate and committed to helping you Stand Out when you Speak Up.
You will leave these speaking coaching sessions with a new confidence and assurance that you can get your message across. You will be able to engage with your audience, and will know how to get them to take the next step. Your message will be crystal clear, memorable and repeatable. Your presentations will deliver results – every time.




Aletta Rochat is South Africa’s first Certified World Class Speaking Coach,  Author and past District Governor for Toastmasters in Southern Africa.

Her unique background as an Executive Speech Coach and International speaker, has built her a formidable reputation amongst leaders as a transformational force when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills. Aletta offers 21st Century presentation skills, which requires you to engage and involve your audience in shaping the content. She is lethal when it comes to helping your formulate your message and impact your delivery. These key aspects are vital for effective presentations whether in the boardroom or a teleconference.

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